Khaotic cover

Dr. Isabella Bayne is sending her monstrous Spawn to invade the Earth of 2030. Those who dare pursue her through the TansEgo Device have their minds sent to Xenos, a world where psi-powers are unleashed and nightmares take flesh.

The minds of your jump-team are plunged into a misshapen body bristling with psychotronic weapons. Because you and your jump-team must always share a single host body, your internal struggles are just as dangerous as the threats of a hostile world.

After completing your mission, you return to your body on Earth.  Now, in your battles against Isabella's monsters, it's your own flesh you're putting on the line!


Pyramid Magazine did a flattering review of Marquee Press and Khaotic that captures what we were trying to accomplish.

Author's Note

Khaotic was the last roleplaying game from Marquee Press.  Published in 1994, it featured a 27 page comic illustrated by Dave Stewart. At the time he was an extremely talented intern working as a colorist for Dark Horse comics.  He's gone on to become an award winning colorist and deservedly so.  He was a great person to work with and we were fortunate he was interested in doing a project with us.

Dave also did the pencils for the cover, which was then painted by Jay Shiels, the artist who did the Cemetery Plots cover.  Any Dave Stewart fans out there will have to try and find Khaotic on eBay if they want to see the great artwork he did for the book.

Although it had the best art of any Marquee Press book, Khaotic sold very poorly.  Marquee Press was so intent on finishing the book in time for GenCon that we failed to playtest it enough.  The rules simply needed another year of development.  It didn't help any that when we got to GenCon we found Magic the Gathering had exploded throughout the convention hall and the consciousness of gamers everywhere.  Marquee Press sold just a handful of books that year and went out of business soon after.

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